Norwich drivers told they could still get bus gate fines, despite delay in camera installation

A camera has yet to be installed on the part-time bus gate at Grove Road. Pic: Archant.

A camera has yet to be installed on the part-time bus gate at Grove Road. Pic: Archant. - Credit: Archant

A delay has meant an enforcement camera to catch rat-runners using a part-time bus gate has yet to be installed - but council officers have warned drivers they could still be fined in the meantime.

Work on a £670,000 scheme in the Brazen Gate/Queens Road/All Saints Green/Grove Road part of Norwich was carried out earlier this year.

Part of the Transport for Norwich project, work has seen the signal crossing on Grove Road replaced with a zebra crossing; a new zebra crossing on Brazen Gate; new cycle lanes in Brazen Gate and All Saints Green and modifications to the pedestrian crossings at Queens Road junction. That work was completed in April, having started in January.

However, a new camera, to enforce the existing bus gate in Grove Road, which is meant to be buses only when the sign is illuminated between 7.30am and 9.30am Monday to Friday, was also part of the project.

But the camera has yet to be installed, to the chagrin of one reader who contacted us to say they had counted 40 vehicles driving through the bus lane in one morning, when it was supposed to be buses only.

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A spokeswoman for Transport for Norwich confirmed there had been a delay in getting the camera installed, but warned drivers the police could still issue fines to drivers spotted breaching the bus gate regulations.

She said: 'The bus gate at Brazen Gate is in operation with the relevant legal orders to enforce the restriction.

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'We've been waiting for several weeks for the contractor to be available to install the cameras here and at Earlham Green Lane and are doing everything we can to get them in place as soon as possible.'

During a previous police operation in Grove Road, more than 360 drivers were caught ignoring the bus gate signs over two days.

The first day, the police caught 174 drivers flouting the rules, and two days later 190 drivers were spotted.

That action, in February 2014, was prompted after complaints by people living nearby and a crash where a motorist struck a cyclist, leaving them with a fractured skull.

Drivers who ignore the restrictions face a £100 fine and three penalty points on their licence.

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