Norwich City Council elections: Who is standing in Bowthorpe, Catton Grove and Crome?

Voters will go to the polls in Norwich next week.

Voters will go to the polls in Norwich next week. - Credit: PA

When Labour took overall control of Norwich City Council in 2012, their victories in Bowthorpe and Catton Grove were two of the ward wins which enabled them to do so.

Those wards have, in recent years, switched from blue to red, with Labour's successes coming at the expense of the Conservatives, who currently have no councillors at City Hall.

The Tories will be looking to change that when voters go to the ballot boxes next Thursday. Former Lord Mayor Evelyn Collishaw will be trying once again to take back the Catton Grove seat she lost in 2011.

But she fell 275 votes short in the 2012 election, when Labour's Mike Stonard was a winner. He is now the council's cabinet member for environment, development and transport.

However, the unknown quantity this time around is UKIP. Their candidate Michelle Ho ran for the Norfolk County Council Catton Grove seat in last year's elections.

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She finished second, between winners Labour and the third place Conservatives, taking 484 votes.

In Bowthorpe, Labour are looking to Sue Sands to hold the seat for them. She has made the switch from Sewell ward.

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Labour finished comfortably above the three other parties in 2012's city council elections, while Labour also took the county Bowthorpe seat in last May's elections.

But Conservative Paul Wells will be looking for a personal victory over Mrs Sands. Last year he lost his county seat to her husband Mike, who is also a city councillor.

In Crome, Marion Maxwell was the comfortable winner in the ward's 2012 by-election and Labour will be optimistic that she will hold onto the seat this time around.

But, in the county council elections last year, UKIP's Ann Williams garnered some 500 votes. She is standing in these elections and the party will be hoping to convince those voters to plump for her again at city council level.

Crome is also one of two wards where Left Unity candidates are standing. The party came into being in Norwich after the county council agreed a budget to make £167m of cuts earlier this year.

The current political make-up of the city council is Labour (20), Green Party (15) and Liberal Democrats (3). There is currently a vacancy in University ward, following the resignation of Labour's Sarah Grenville.

Polls are open on Thursday from 7am until 10pm. The count is the next day.


Rod BEALE (Lib Dem)

Rod is campaigning to get stronger action on dog fouling across Bowthorpe. He wants to see the city council cracking down on the problem by issuing fines to dog owners who fail to clear up their pet's mess and more regular patrols from dog wardens to tackle problem hot spots.

Jean BISHOP (Green Party

Jean is passionate about cycling, her allotment, wildlife and the natural world. She is also passionate about protecting the NHS and retaining vital services for elderly and vulnerable people

As a Green Party councillor she would like to work towards a more equal society with fair taxation and greater job opportunities for young people.

Sue SANDS (Labour)

'I spend a lot of time with residents discussing their needs and concerns whether it is about the misery being caused by the bedroom tax, litter on our streets, dog fouling, housing concerns, or cuts to services.

'If elected, I will ensure that Bowthorpe residents have a strong voice standing up for them on the city council.'

Paul WELLS (Conservative)

'Having served as a county councillor for Bowthorpe and as a local resident, I have really good understanding not only of our community but also how to help get things done on a practical level.

'I'm particularly focused on making sure the council gets its basics right, we as a community need to know that our bins will be collected on time and that the council will keep our streets clean.'


Evelyn COLLISHAW (Conservative)

'I believe in freedom and letting people spend their money how they wish rather than the socialist ideas of City Hall government spending our money how they please.

'Norwich should be a city accessible to all with good transport, parks and theatres. We all need to take more responsibility for our city and not despoil it with rubbish and graffiti.'

Michelle HO (UKIP)

'I live in Catton Grove and I am a translator and designer.

'Students are our future and should be given all the support they need without fear of cuts or restrictions. Furthermore I feel there is also a need to deal with traffic management issues outside our schools with easier drop off points and safer parking when picking up.'

Tony PARK (Green Party)

'I have been a Green Party councillor in Dereham previously and have lived in Norwich since 2009. I'm impressed by the caring and responsive Green Party here.

'I own an organic veg-box business and in my spare time I support local businesses and shops to help make our community more vibrant for the people who live here.'

Mike STONARD (Labour and Co-operative Party)

'I've led work to get Norwich's first new council houses in 20 years – they're located in Catton Grove – and schemes to help people manage their money in these hard times, such as 'Switch and Save'

'We need a city council that fights for local people and protects services. I promise to continue to work for the good of the whole of Catton Grove Ward and the whole city.'

Leigh TOOKE (Liberal Democrat)

No profile or photograph provided.


Natasha ALLEN (Conservative)

'I'm fairly new into politics and want to see lots of positive changes in how City Hall is currently run.

'I graduated with a law degree in 2009 and like many graduates, at first struggled to find employment straight out of university. 'That's when I first took an interest in politics. I wanted to help others who faced the same challenge, and help make a positive change.'

Julian BELL (Left Unity)

'Labour, UKIP, Liberal Democrat and two of four Green county councillors all voted for a £189m budget cut over three years.

'This will destroy lives. Left Unity is the only party prepared to 'take the bull by the horns' and address this issue, to increase budgets and reverse austerity.'

Judith FORD (Green Party)

'I joined the Green Party being impressed by the way the party cares, as I do, about people, the environment and the world we will leave to future generations.

'I believe it is vital that planning, policy and economics works to these ends, even though this may mean we must make some sacrifices ourselves to ensure the future for others. I used to work as a doctor in the radiation department.'

Marion MAXWELL (Labour and Co-operative party

'I have campaigned for traffic calming, community safety improvements and new social housing, while assisting residents with their individual issues and concerns.

'For many people in Crome, the cost of living crisis is biting deep, and these are truly tough times. Standing up for everybody and being a strong voice for change in Crome is my key ambition.'

Chris THOMAS (Liberal Democrat)

Chris was elected on to Norwich City Council in 1992 for Town Close Ward and served for 16 years.

While serving on the council Chris was an observer on the board for the Citizens Advice Bureau and he is now a director on the trustee board. He has been supporting the CAB for over twelve years.

He said he offers an alternative to local residents have been let down by the Labour-run city council.

Ann WILLIAMS (UK Independence Party)

'I believe that local services are under stress because of overpopulation and that local social housing is not being allocated fairly and British citizens are losing out.

'UK citizens should take priority when it comes to housing and locally born people should have the chance to stay in the area where they were born and enhance a community spirit.

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