CATTON GROVE: N Ahmed (LD); M Booth (Lab); E Collishaw (C)*; P Edwards (G).CROME: I Bowling (LD); K Mason (C); A Waters (Lab); C Webb (G).MILE CROSS: D Mackie (C); S Morphew (Lab); S Nobbs (LD); C Way (G).

CATTON GROVE: N Ahmed (LD) 194; M Booth (Lab) 877; E COLLISHAW (C)* 1003; P Edwards (G) 313. C hold, maj 126.

CROME: I Bowling (LD) 402; K Mason (C) 684; A WATERS (Lab)* 1110; C Webb (G) 303. Lab hold, maj 426

MILE CROSS: D Mackie (C) 305; S MORPHEW (Lab)* 1013; S Nobbs (LD) 707; C Way (G) 298. Lab hold, maj 306

BOWTHORPE: B Campbell (G) 337; F McIvor (LD) 282; C Rumsby (Lab)* 966; J WYATT (C) 975. C gain, maj 9

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EATON: R Bearman (G) 454; R Borrett (Lab) 467; V Hopes (C) 1303; J Wilder (UKIP) 117; R WRIGHT (LD) 1607. LD hold, maj 304

LAKENHAM: C Chandler (C) 290; G Dean (LD) 1060; K DRIVER (Lab)* 1159; S Emmens (UKIP) 130; J McCarney (G) 293. Lab hold, maj 99

Most Read

MANCROFT: T DYLAN (G) 1027; D Fullman (Lab) 687; N George (C) 398; A Oliver (LD) 481. G hold, maj 340

NELSON: P Bartram (Lab) 397; M Chamberlin (C) 271; D Fairbairn (LD) 518; A RAMSAY (G)* 1899. G hold, maj 1381

THORPE HAMLET: J Conway (G) 952; J Holdcroft (Lab) 428; J HOOKE (LD) 953; G Richards (C) 429. LD hold, maj 1

TOWN CLOSE: S LITTLE (G) 1474; B Sanderson (Lab) 497; C Thomas (LD)* 734; E Wyatt (C) 620. G gain, maj 615

UNIVERSITY: V Ahlstrom (UKIP) 80; N Baxter (C) 227; R BLOWER (Lab)* 1155; R Makoff (G) 368; J Wright (LD) 472. Lab hold, maj 683

WENSUM: B Clark (LD) 378; B Hathway (Lab) 622; R READ (G)* 1237; P Wells (C) 280. G hold, maj 615

SEWELL: J BROCIEK-COULTON (Lab)* 931; P Killingbeck (G) 573; T Landamore (C) 453; I Williams (LD) 428. Lab hold, maj 358

Result: Lab 15 (-1), LD 11(-1), G 10 (+1), C 3 (+1)

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