Norfolk MP calls for modernisation of NHS

Norman Lamb in Parliament. Picture: Norman Lamb's office

Norman Lamb in Parliament. Picture: Norman Lamb's office - Credit: Archant

Norman Lamb has believes it is time to fully digitalise the NHS – a move he claims would revolutionise the service and save money.

The North Norfolk MP said: 'I think it is important to digitalise the NHS so if you go to your GP, give your details and it is immediately available at A and E. At the moment everyone has to tell their story umpteen times. The great prize here is that if we digitalise we can make the system so much more efficient. Every other part of industry has experienced productivity gains in this way which the NHS has not benefitted from because we are still using old systems – faxes are still used in the NHS.'

But politicians – especially those in the Treasury – will be wary of major IT projects. In 2003 a plan to share patients' records was announced. The cost was estimated to be around £6.4bn. When the bundled plan was abandoned it is estimated to have cost upwards of £10bn.

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