£1.5m could be spent on urgent works to prevent more flooding in Norfolk

Flooding on Richmond Road in Saham Toney.

More than £1m of reserve funding could be used for urgent works and repairs to prevent future floods in Norfolk. Pictured is flooding on Richmond Road in Saham Toney earlier this year. - Credit: Watton and Saham Flood Action Gr

More than £1m of reserve funding could be used for urgent works and repairs to prevent future floods in Norfolk.  

Norfolk County Council's cabinet will consider the allocation of its £1.5m Flood Reserve Fund to enable recommendations from flood investigation reports. 

The reserve fund was set up in the annual budget for 2021/22 agreed by the county council in their budget meeting in February. 

The cabinet meeting, due to be held September 6, will discuss the proposed allocation of the funding, including £695k for additional highway and ditch maintenance and £365k for drainage asset improvements. 

This funding will be used for work on the 285,864 metres of drainage grips and 31,037 metres of kerb drains on Norfolk’s highways, as well as operations to clear some of the county’s 145,305 gullies that help drain rain water. 

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Also included in the allocation are the costs of setting up and maintaining the single phone number set up by the Norfolk Strategic Flooding Alliance (NSFA) to give Norfolk residents one point of contact to report flooding.  

Andrew Proctor, leader of the council, said: “Flooding is a big risk here in Norfolk, and anyone who has been flooded out of their home can tell you about the huge and devastating impact it can have on their lives.  

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“It’s vital that we have a well-funded approach by all our partners in The Norfolk Strategic Flooding Alliance to mitigating the risk of flooding, sharing information and carrying out work to identify the best ways we can prevent flooding and to reduce its impact on our communities. 

“I’m proud to say our members have already agreed to establish the £1.5 million Flood Reserve Fund, and now cabinet will be discussing the allocation of the funds, ensuring the important work being done across the county receives the support it needs.” 

Norfolk’s cabinet will also be asked to endorse the Norfolk Strategic Flooding Alliance Strategy and action plan.

This plan includes previously announced work on finding and costing solutions for 16 flood sites across the county, which is currently ongoing. 

Norfolk County Council will make a decision on their endorsement at the cabinet Meeting of September 6. 

To report flooding anywhere in the county simply call 0344 800 8013. 

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