How budget proposals could affect your council tax bill in 2019/20

Norfolk County Council tax bill. Picture: Denise Bradley

Norfolk County Council tax bill. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2012

Council bosses looking to plug a £46m funding gap in the coming years are hoping the taxpayer can shoulder some of the burden - and are looking for your views.

Norfolk County Council has proposed a 2.99pc increase to its council tax share in the next financial year and is seeking the public's thoughts on the move.

The increase, put forward in its latest budget planning, is the maximum amount County Hall can adjust its share without calling a referendum and would mean people in the lowest tax band would have to pay an additional £26.34 a year on their council tax bill.

However, while the council's share will increase, an adult social care precept also collected by the county will not increase. In the previous two years, this has been raised by 3pc each year.

A consultation has been opened into the proposals, which aim to contribute towards the council's need to finding further savings of £45.98m - on top of £79m it already plans to save

Andrew Proctor, leader of the council, said: 'We have a robust financial strategy to carefully manage our money, in the face of reduced funding and rising demand for services.

'This includes investing to save in both adults and children's services, where we know that transforming our work can improve the lives of those most in need and help us to balance the budget in the longer term.'

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If introduced, the county council's share of council tax for 2019/20 will be as follows (2018/19 figure in brackets):

Band A: £908.16 (£881.82)

Band B: £1,059.52 (£1,028.79)

Band C: £1, 210.88 (£1,175.76)

Band D: £1,362.24 (£1,322.73)

Band E: £1,664.96 (£1,616.67)

Band F: £1,967.68 (£1,910.61)

Band G: £2,270.40 (£2,204.55)

Band H: £2.724.48 (£2,645.46)

Council tax bills are made up of shares that go to the county, the police and crime commissioner and the relevant borough, district and parish councils - each of which sets its own share.

The consultation is due to remain open until Sunday, December 23. To contribute, visit or email

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