Nobody is indispensable in UKIP, region’s MEP says amid high profile resignation

Stuart Agnew MEP outside his Polling Station in Helhoughton. Picture: Ian Burt

Stuart Agnew MEP outside his Polling Station in Helhoughton. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

One of the region's UK Independence Party MEPs has dismissed suggestions the party is in a 'death spiral' after a former leadership contender quit the party after an altercation with a fellow MEP which left him in hospital.

Steven Woolfe abandoned his bid to become leader of the party, claiming it was 'ungovernable' without Nigel Farage at the helm.

He stood by his claim that he had 'received a blow' from Ukip MEP Mike Hookem during the fracas at a private meeting at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg and revealed he had made a police complaint about the incident.

Mr Hookem has denied hitting the North West MEP.

Eastern region MEP Stuart Agnew dismissed Mr Woolfe's claim the party was in a death spiral, insisting UKIP has a role to play opposing the government.

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'I can remember people telling us years ago we were finished and members leaving and saying it was no good and going off and joining other parties and we won through that, and we will succeed here.

'Steve Woofle's departure is not a critical blow. Nobody is indispensable at all.'

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