No new businesses for Thetford Enterprise Park despite £1.5m roundabout

The site of the new roundabout in Thetford on the A1066. Picture: Rebecca Murphy

The site of the new roundabout in Thetford on the A1066. Picture: Rebecca Murphy - Credit: Archant

The construction of a new 'roundabout to nowhere' which has cost taxpayers £1.5m has not led to any firm interest from businesses - despite being billed as the key to 'unlock the full potential' of an employment site.

Roy Brame, mayor of Thetford. Pic: Norfolk Conservatives.

Roy Brame, mayor of Thetford. Pic: Norfolk Conservatives. - Credit: Norfolk Conservatives

The roundabout, on Mundford Road, Thetford, will have one exit which will end at the edge of a field north of the existing industrial estate.

In 2016, land promoter Pigeon said the site west of the road had the potential to create up to 2,500 jobs, however it has so far had no pre-application enquiries and no planning applications have been submitted to Breckland District Council or County Hall.

The use of the site for the Thetford Enterprise Park (TEP) has been earmarked since 1989, but during a 30 year battle for progress, it has been hit by infrastructure issues, in particular a shortage of power.

Thetford mayor Roy Brame, who is also a district and county councillor, said he was confident the enterprise park will be a success.

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He said: 'I am really, really confident and optimistic that there will be something on there in the near future.

'Since dualling the A11 there has been so much more interest, and I am very confident that they will be looking to take units on there now as soon as that roundabout is finished. It is going to make all the difference.'

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'I never thought I would see this happen not only in my lifetime, never mind while I am still in local politics and I will be doing an awful lot to push it.'

Breckland Council did not deny the fact that no applications have been submitted for the site and said they would be helping Pigeon promote the site.

A spokesperson for Breckland Council said: 'The access roundabout to the Thetford Enterprise Park (TEP) is nearing completion and we are delighted that it is being delivered well ahead of the original target of summer 2019.

'When fully occupied, the TEP could create up to 2,500 new jobs and completion of the roundabout is an important element to unlocking this strategically important employment site in the heart of the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor.

'To help bring businesses and jobs into the area, we will be supporting the site promoter, Pigeon, with the other aspects that are required to bring a major site such as the TEP forward.'

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