Man fined whilst feeding the homeless on Christmas Day

Brian Herbison headshot.

Brian Herbison headshot. - Credit: Brian Herbison

Norwich City Council will review his appeal.

St Stephen's Street, Norwich.

St Stephen's Street, Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

A Sprowston man who says he was delivering food and drink items to the homeless of Norwich on Christmas Day has received a penalty notice for driving down a bus lane.

Brian Herbison received a penalty notice yesterday for driving down the bus lane in St Stephen's Street, which is reserved for buses and taxis only.

A spokesman for Norwich City Council said: 'Anyone who has been issued with a penalty charge notice has the right to appeal but the city council needs to be given a chance to assess the reasons given for the appeal before it waives or upholds its decision.'

Mr Herbison appealed the charge this morning.

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Mr Herbison's fine is for £60, cut to £30 if paid within 14 days.

Mr Herbison explains: 'I go out with food and hot drinks and give them to homeless people on Christmas Day, I began this on Christmas Day, 2015.

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'In 2015 I went by foot, but given I was walking all around Norwich with two huge bags, I decided to go by car this year to cover more ground.'

Mr Herbison, 49, continued: 'In 2015 there was a girl in the bus stop on St Stephens Street, and a few others down that road, so I drove down there in the hope that I would find some people.'

The father-of-three added: 'As I was doing a good deed off my own back as it were, I hope the council can show some leniency as a good deed, as I was doing for the community.'

Mr Herbison estimates he delivered food and hot drinks to around a dozen people in the city centre on Christmas Day morning.

The Cere Road resident added: 'I will pay the fine if needs be, I don't dispute that I drove down there'

The Norwich City Council spokesperson added: 'All appeals are looked at on a case by case basis in order that we can respond appropriately.'

The bus route has become a hotspot for driving penalties, since cameras were installed on the route in October 2015.

Although the cameras were not switched on until December 2015, a total of £254,855 was paid out by motorists for using the lane between December 2015 and 2016.

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