Labour lord to hold Brexit impact meeting in Great Yarmouth

Lord Adonis is coming to Great Yarmouth. Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Lord Adonis is coming to Great Yarmouth. Photo: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A senior Labour politician who is opposed to Brexit will be in Great Yarmouth on Friday night at an event organised by a new pro-European grass roots movement in Norfolk.

Lord Adonis will be speaking at St Nicholas Priory School between 7pm and 9pm and wants to discuss with local residents, workers and business owners how they are affected by Brexit.

It is part of his wider plan to visit Brexit heartlands with the aim of encouraging the country to think again.

Lord Adonis has been invited to Great Yarmouth by the recently formed by Norfolk for Europe, a newly established non-party political pro-European grassroots group campaigning for a public vote on the final Brexit deal with the option of remaining in the European Union.

MORE; views on Brexit voteThe group says Lord Adonis is interested in hearing about infrastructure and how greater investment in railways, ferries and ports could help transform the region.

He is especially keen to learn more about how Brexit will affect the area.

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Lord Adonis will also set out his vision for how a vote on the final Brexit deal for the general public can be brought about and why the Labour Party needs to offer an energetic 'Attlee 2.0' style programme as a more positive alternative to exiting the European Union.

MORE; city remains voteKate Gott, chairman and founder of Norfolk for Europe and who is from Hingham, said 'However people voted the fact remains that we are all individuals who want the best for our future and that of our families.

'We want to move beyond an 'us' and 'them', 'right' and 'wrong' stalemate and encourage healthy debate about how we can pull together to secure the best future for ourselves, our county and our country.

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'We are less interested in how people voted in 2016 and more interested to learn what Leave voters feel is important in making their day to day lives easier and better.'

Tickets to cover the costs of the event are priced at £3.73 and can be bought on Eventbrite website at search for Norfolk for Europe on Facebook to find the link.

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