Local elections 2019: Norwich City Council results as Greens make gains at expense of Labour

Scenes from the Norwich City Council Election count 2019. Picture: Victoria Pertusa

Scenes from the Norwich City Council Election count 2019. Picture: Victoria Pertusa - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

The Green Party had most to cheer about in the Norwich City Council elections, making four gains at the expense of Labour.

Scenes from the Norwich City Council Election count 2019. Picture: Victoria Pertusa

Scenes from the Norwich City Council Election count 2019. Picture: Victoria Pertusa - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

Labour remain comfortably in control at City Hall, but had to endure losses to the Greens in Mancroft, Nelson and Thorpe Hamlet.

Labour did pick up a Green seat in Town Close and leader Alan Waters insisted it was 'a good set of results'.

He acknowledged Brexit and the profile of climate change activists Extinction Rebellion had played their part in the election, where all 39 seats were up for grabs because of a boundary review.

The Greens were 'over the moon' at the results, which saw former councillors Sandra Bogelein, Lesley Grahame and Paul Neale return to City Hall.

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Two gains from Labour in Mancroft and Nelson and one in Thorpe Hamlet means all three councillors in those wards are Green, although Labour did turn Town Close completely red, by taking one seat from the Greens.

Denise Carlo, leader of the Greens at City Hall, who retained her Nelson seat, said: 'I am absolutely over the moon. I was quite worried as I didn't know if I'd retain my seat, but now I have nine colleagues.'

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She said the Greens had benefitted from the high profile of Extinction Rebellion at a national level - and from dissatisfaction over Brexit.

Mr Waters said it was sad that hard-working Labour councillors had lost their seats, but said: 'Given the turbulence elsewhere in the country, these are a good set of results for us. People in Norwich have voted for a Labour administration, with two thirds of the seats.

'It's been quite an extraordinary election, with a dash of Brexit, ward changes and some highly competitive battles in some of the Norwich South seats, but we have come through and I'm pleased with the majority we have.'

He said the Brexit situation nationally had made it an 'invidious' position for the two main parties when knocking on doors.

Liberal Democrat leader James Wright said he was pleased to have retained their three Eaton seats and to have improved their vote share.

The political make-up of the council is now Labour 27 (-4), Green Party 9 (+4), Lib Dems 3 (no change). The turnout was 34.9pc, with 358 spoilt papers.


Bowthorpe (Labour held three seats): Sally Button (L) 860; Mike Sands (L) 838; Sue Sands (L) 775; Thomas Sheppard (C) 432; Antony Little (C) 399; Syed Ahmod (C) 357; Tim Jones (G) 321; Jon Watson (I) 309; Jennifer Ramsay (G) 299; Sabine Virani (G) 270; Danielle Engelbrecht (LD) 164; Samuel Neal (LD) 152. Turnout: 28.2pc

Catton Grove (Labour held three seats): Gail Harris (L) 971; Paul Kendrick (L) 965; Mike Stonard (L) 890; Henry Lynn (C) 575; John Tye (C) 532; Roger Tubby (C) 498; Tony Park (G) 403; Ian Chapman (G) 334; Sean Bennett (LD) 205; Wendy Outwin (LD) 192; Christopher Morgan (LD) 178. Turnout: 27.2pc

Crome (Labour held three seats): Alan Waters (L) 1134; Marion Maxwell (L) 1105; Adam Giles (L)1052; Jane Fisher (C) 524; Olivia Hanks (G) 508; John Hipperson (C) 498; Judith Ford (G) 466; Ethan Harvey (C) 451; Paul Meade (G) 420; Alexander Atkins (LD) 170; Nigel Lubbock (LD) 152; Joyce Pitty (LD) 137. Turnout: 28.6pc

Eaton (Lib Dems held three seats): Judith Lubbock (LD) 2168; Caroline Ackroyd (LD) 2129; James Wright (LD) 1963; Stephen Bailey (C) 690; Mark Eva (C) 652; Mary Chacksfield (C) 646; Benjamin Hardie (L) 532; Christopher Elderton (L) 518; Jane Saunders (G) 479; Christopher Smith (L) 478; Hazel Davidson (G) 439; David Battye (G )436. Turnout 50.4pc

Lakenham (Labour held three seats): Keith Driver (L) 1159; Patrick Manning (L) 1121; Jane Sarmezey (L) 1032; Chris Hull (G) 733; David Fairbairn (LD) 532; Peter Calif (L) 472; Robert Hammond (I) 400; Christine Mackie (C) 366; David Mackie (C) 315; Eric Masters (C) 303. Turnout: 31.9pc

Mancroft (Greens gained two from Labour and held one): Sandra Bogelein (G) 1308; Jamie Osborn (G) 1171; Martin Schmierer (G) 1148; Jo Smith (L) 833; David Fullman (L) 803; Matt Reilly (L) 715; Anthony Barton (C) 256; Joanne Grand (C) 229; Gordon Dean (LD) 180. Turnout: 35.4pc

Mile Cross (Labour held three): Jacob Huntley (L) 978; Vivien Thomas (L) 939; Vaughan Thomas (L) 926; Susan Curran (G) 480; Adrian Holmes (391); Peter Pyke (UKIP) 324; John Fisher (C) 257; Guy Owen (C) 255; Carl Lamb (C) 221; Adrian Thomas (LD) 214; Carol Taylor (LD) 170; Alistair Pitty (LD) 141. Turnout: 26pc

Nelson (Greens gained two from Labour and held one): Denise Carlo (G) 2626; Nanette Youssef (G) 2316; Paul Neale (G) 2055; Emma Hampton (L) 1464; Hugo Malik (L) 1367; Gary McGuinness (L) 951; Connor Bell (LD) 353; Richard Gill (C) 236; Danny Buck (C) 205; Jo Copplestone (C) 190. Turnout: 51.8pc

Sewell (Labour held three): Julie Brociek-Coulton (L) 1451; Matt Packer (L) 1152; Laura McCartney-Gray (L) 1143; Simeon Jackson (G) 779; Gary Champion (G) 750; Aaron Fickling (G) 581; Gillian Ashenden (C) 318; Charley LeGrice (C) 276; Helen Arundell (LD) 212; Richard Smith (LD) 191. Turnout: 33.8pc

Thorpe Hamlet (Greens gain one from Labour and hold two): Lesley Grahame (G) 1410; Ben Price (G) 1294; Nigel Utton (G) 1096; Rachel Everitt (L) 770; Cavan Stewart (L) 753; Deane Money (L) 650; Simon Jones (C) 417; Stephen Barber (C) 407; Jonathan Hook (C) 370; Jeremy Hooke (LD) 335. Turnout: 37.5pc

Town Close (Labour gain one from Greens and hold two): Karen Davis (L) 1518; Cate Oliver (L) 1415; Ian Stutely (L) 1393; Nick Caistor (G) 848; Phil Di Palma (G) 832; Richard Bearman (G) 789; Jacob Hamilton (LD) 530; Neil Hardman( LD) 506; John Ward (C) 500; Iain Gwynne (C) 495; Sarah King (C) 490; Silvia Schmidtova (LD) 485. Turnout: 43.5pc

University (Labour held three): Beth Jones (L) 1134; Matthew Fulton-McAlister (L) 1064; Roger Ryan (L) 1036; Andrew Boswell (G) 617; Catherine Rowett (G) 581; John Greenaway (G) 547; Craig Harvey (C) 285; Wini Dwebeng (C) 262; Carol Chilton (C) 244; Hassan Iqbal (C) 235; Robert Parsons (LD) 227; Ian Cousins (LD) 166. Turnout: 29.6pc

Wensum (Labour held three): Erin Fulton-McAlister (L) 1231; Kevin Maguire (L) 1202; Martin Peek (L) 1100; Liam Calvert (G) 733; Lucy Galvin (G) 733; Jonathan Lambert (G) 650; Alice Saunders (C) 306; Pete Freeman (C) 294; William Oxley (C) 273; Sean Laver-Vincent (LD) 161; Alan Wright(LD) 152; Nico Pili(LD) 128. Turnout: 29.9pc

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