Legal order means police can catch drivers who flout Northern Distributor Road work right turn ban

Horsford residents tired of queuing traffic took matters into their own hands with this sign. Pictur

Horsford residents tired of queuing traffic took matters into their own hands with this sign. Picture: Jessica Woodhouse - Credit: Archant

Drivers who persist in turning right on a road where it has been banned because of work on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road have been warned the police are ready to catch them.

The Holt Road south of Horsford has been shut since the summer to make way for the £178.5m NDR and to allow construction of slip roads serving the major junction with the A140 Cromer Road.

As part of that, traffic was banned from turning onto the B1149 Holt Road from Church Street, with traffic expected to instead turn left and loop around the New Drayton Lane roundabout back towards Horsford.

But drivers have repeatedly been ignoring the ban and creating queues as they attempt to turn right, to the frustration of people living in Horsford.

They put up their own sign in the summer urging drivers to 'Bloody well turn left'.

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And now, the right turn ban from Church Street into Holt Road has become mandatory, after a temporary traffic order came into place.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: When Holt Road south of Horsford closed in August, an advisory right turn ban was introduced to encourage Horsford-bound traffic to loop around the nearby New Drayton Lane roundabout, with the aim of reducing queues on Church Street.

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'This has only been partially successful, so Norfolk County Council has obtained a legal order to make the right turn ban mandatory and enforceable by the police.'

When complete, the NDR will stretch from the A1067 Fakenham Road in the west to the A47 at Postwick.

It is due to open in sections, with the first part, from the A1067 to the A140 Cromer Road, due to open next month.

The cost of the road has escalated and the council has brought in specialist consultants to help drive down the final bill.

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