Labour’s Ed Balls goes walkabout at Cromer

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls went walkabout in Cromer today to support the campaigning of a resurgent local Labour party.

He met many of the candidates standing in all 48 North Norfolk District Council wards and mingled with public during a 40-minute stroll around the town centre, calling in at shops, the pier and the church.

Mr Balls, who had stayed overnight at his parents' house in nearby Aylmerton after cheering Norwich City on to victory the previous evening, was buoyant about the prospects of both his 'teams.'

Labour was enjoying a massive increase in the number of candidates standing for election, and doorstep support - with the same issues dominating in cities and country areas alike.

'It is a not a matter of Labour being an urban party and the Tories rural. People are worried about the same things such as jobs and affordable housing,' he added.

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Many former labour voters who earlier switched to the Liberal Democrats were returning to the party after becoming disillusioned with the coalition.

The Labour cabinet member also forecast the Canaries would end up in second spot after the Nottingham Forest success which was the 'hardest match' in the final run-in.

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Mr Balls used to enjoy church outings to Cromer from his family home in Norwich as a child, including trips to the beach and church tower.

He visited the church again during his tour, flanked by placard and balloon wielding supporters, to chat to volunteers handing out bacon rolls to passers by.

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