MP urges victims to help shape new law in wake of Kerri McAuley murder

Kerri McAuley

Kerri McAuley - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk MP has urged victims of domestic abuse to help shape new laws which could see offenders being banned from drinking alcohol and tagged.

Chloe Smith wants victims to help the government develop the new Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill in the wake of the horrific murder of Kerri McAuley.

The 32-year-old mother of two suffered a brutal attack at the hands of her former partner and serial abuser Joe Storey. After the attack, at Ms McAuley's home, in Southalls Way, Norwich, Storey left her to die alone.

Now the Norwich North MP – who has worked with Ms McAuley's family to change the legislation – has urged victims to engage with the government in a bid to offer more protection for those who suffer abuse.

Ms Smith said: 'I urge anyone who's been affected by domestic abuse locally to take part in this consultation. It really matters. The murder of Kerri McAuley won't be in vain if we can use Norwich and Norfolk's experience to make the laws of the land better.

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'I will continue working in parliament on behalf of Kerri's family, and others who have spoken out to me already, to improve the law against domestic abuse.

'There are many sensible measures in it which I hope will mean more women, men and children can be safer from domestic abuse in the future.'

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Prime minister Theresa May added: 'Thousands of women endure unimaginable violence and other forms of abuse every single day. I am determined to stop this – and the government's new bill will lead the way in bringing about the change we need.'

The bill will seek to introduce new civil orders to expand the potential restrictions courts and police can impose on criminals who torment family members or partners.

Perpetrators could be required to attend parenting programmes or drug and alcohol treatment to reduce the risk of them abusing again.

And for the first time courts would be given powers to impose electronic monitoring as a condition of the Domestic Abuse Protection Orders.

This paper launched Kerri's Campaign which raised more than £11,000 for abuse charity Leeway. To take part in the consultation visit

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