“If this is socialism I’ll eat my hat” - Conservative candidate’s campaign leaflet prompts mock-up

Conservative candidate Chloe Smith (Left) and Labour candidate Jessica Asato (Right)

Conservative candidate Chloe Smith (Left) and Labour candidate Jessica Asato (Right) - Credit: Archant

Conservative Chloe Smith has been the unlikely target of a socialist spoof.

Political opponents mocked her up as Citizen Smith - the young Marxist 'urban guerrilla' attempting to emulate his hero Che Guevara.

The Norwich North candidate was accused of attempting 'plagiarise' Labour's branding, after including a Norwich Evening News letter, claiming Ms Smith 'seems to act more like a socialist than a Conservative' in her election literature.

Left-wing website Political Scrapbook has mocked her up as 'Wolfie' Smith, from the comedy series, outside Norwich Station.

Jessica Asato, who is standing against her for the Labour Party, claimed it was a 'sign of the Tories' desperation in Norwich North' and showed Ms Smith's 'double-standards', accusing her of being 'trying to be all things to all people'.

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'Local people won't forget she is one of the most loyal Conservative MPs and shows unwavering support for the vicious bedroom tax, tax cuts for millionaires and the swift march of the profiteers into the NHS. If this is socialism I'll eat my hat,' she said.

But Ms Smith - who said she was clearly not a socialist, but a 'proud Conservative', said she believed the letter had shown that her work could appeal 'across party lines'.

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'I thought some of the montages were hilarious. I particularly liked Citizen Smith. I always had a soft spot for the old sitcom,' she added.

'Clearly I am not a socialist I am a proud Conservative. What the letter writer was saying was my work can appeal across party lines,' she added.

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