Forest Heath District Council results

Forest Heath district council remained a Tory stronghold today (Friday) as the party managed to tighten its grip.

The Conservatives increased their number on the council from 20 seats out of 27 to 22 by taking seats from the Liberal Democrats and Independents.

There were two surprises however.

Neil Williams scooped Exning for the Liberal Democrats and Michael Jefferys has become Labour's lone council member.

Speaking after his victory, Mr Williams said: 'I am really looking forward to it and I'm really excited to be representing Exning. I am surprised because Exning has traditionally been a Tory stronghold.'

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Council leader Geoffrey Jaggard said overall he was delighted and 'very pleased' with the election results.

And Matthew Hancock, West Suffolk's Tory MP, said: 'Overall it is a good set of election results for the Conservatives in Forest Heath.

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'We have increased the number of Conservative councillors and the last set of elections happened at a time before we were in Government having to deal with a mess.

'To increase the number of councillors is testament to the record of the council. I look forward to working with the council.'

Forest Heath

All Saints: *Geoffrey Jaggard (C) 461, *Robin Millar (C) 366, Hilary Radford (Lib Dem) 277, Christopher Turner (Lab) 313. Turnout 34pc.

Brandon East: *Bill Bishop (C) 788, *Stephen Edwards (C) 677, Annette Meadows (UKIP) 415, Peter Ridgwell (UKIP) 512, Reginald Silvester (UKIP) 460, *Eddie Stewart (C) 585. Turnout 35pc.

Brandon West: Mark Allen (Lab) 263, *David Bimson (C) 416, Lee Jacobs (Ind) 185, Abi Jones-Weetman (Ind) 193, Henry Kostecki (UKIP) 199, *Tony Simmons (C) 296. Turnout 36pc.

Eriswell and The Rows: *David Bowman (C) 582, David Chandler (Ind) 308, John Smith (Lib Dem) 358, *James Waters (C) 667. Turnout 41pc.

Exning: Janet Anderson (C) 291, *Ben Williams (Lib Dem) 372. Turnout 43pc.

Great Heath: Jason Alecock (Lib Dem) 254, Tom Caple (Lab) 233, Jim Lawrence (UKIP) 132, *Nigel Roman (C) 435, *Tony Wheble (C) 322, Dave Whitear (UKIP) 101. Turnout 33pc.

Iceni: Hilary Appleton (Lab) 217, *Rona Burt (C) 485. Turnout 50pc.

Lakenheath: Iain Frost (C) 416, *David Gathercole (Ind) 553, Carole Lucas (Ind) 326, *Colin Noble (C) 656, Ian Smith (UKIP) 227, Richard Smith (UKIP) 116. Turnout 41p.

Manor: Stephen Frost (C) 308, *Tim Huggan (Lib Dem) 366. Turnout 54pc.

Market: Gill Caple (Lab) 261, Patrick Finn (Lab) 237, *John McGhee (C) 615, Malcolm Smith (C) 570. Turnout 34pc.

Red Lodge (uncontested): *Roger Dicker (C), *Andy Drummond (C)

Severals: *Michael Anderson (C) 663, *Warwick Hirst (C) 637, *Rachel Hood (C) 655, Ian Horner (Lib Dem) 237, Ian Radford (Lib Dem) 357, Joy Uney (Lab) 416. Turnout 28pc.

South (uncontested): *Carol Lynch (C)

St Marys: Ruth Allen (Ind) 451, *Chris Barker (C) 540, Peter Clifton (Lab) 329, Dave Hudson (UKIP) 372, *Michael Jefferys (Lab) 473, *Bill Sadler (C) 505, Sue Syvret (C) 355. Turnout 33pc.

*denotes elected candidate

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