Tory council candidate slams Brexit negotiations as ‘hopeless mess’ in election leaflet

Tony Adams, Conservative candidate for Taverham North. Pic: Norfolk Conservatives.

Tony Adams, Conservative candidate for Taverham North. Pic: Norfolk Conservatives. - Credit: Norfolk Conservatives

A Tory council candidate has slammed Theresa May as the 'worst Conservative prime minister we've had' over her handling of Brexit negotiations.

Tony Adams, who is hoping to win a seat on Broadland District Council representing Taverham North in local elections on May 2, criticised the Brexit process in a leaflet sent to prospective voters.

In a section outlining the issues not dealt with at a district council level such as the NHS, adult social care, and the closure of children's centres, Brexit was also mentioned.

The leaflet said: 'The district council election is not about Brexit (and the hopeless mess that has been made of the negotiations).'

Mr Adams, who was first elected to the Hellesdon South East ward in 1976, said most voters on the doorstep had been aware of the differences, with one resident even saying he felt sorry for Tory councillors.

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'I think most of the anger is reserved for the national politicians,' he said. 'I can't say I blame them when we've got a prime minister who says 108 times on March 29 we're leaving the EU.'

But Mr Adams said he did not feel Labour was in any better position.

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He said: 'I've mentioned Brexit in my postal vote letter as well, basically saying yes, however angry you are at how politicians from all parties have tried to scupper the result, the time to sort that out is at a general election.

'I think they've made a right hash of it, she said she was going to take us out on March 29 and she has not done it. It's amazing how her popularity has plummeted, I'm not surprised. She's absolutely lost it, from my point of view she's the worst prime minister we've had and that includes John Major, and he was a prat.'

He said 95pc of Conservative councillors in Norfolk felt just as angry as those who voted to leave.

He said: 'We are as frustrated at what has happened as the public are.'

• Also standing in Taverham North are Louise Baldry (L), Veronica Beadle (LD), Richard Gill (C), Caroline Karimi-Ghovanlou (LD), and Trevor Turk (L). Local elections will be held on May 2.

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