Community finds the humour in the petrol panic

The fuel folly has brought out the funny side in you.

Our community has shared social media gags, silly signs and even a quickly put together graph on the likelihood of finding a person of more advanced years at the front of the petrol pump queues.

Via Twitter, the @EDP24 account has received these gems.

@jgyap57: 'I am currently filling jerry cans with hot sausage rolls and storing them in the garage #panicbuying'

@Bellajahella: 'Have panic bought some roller blades, bike, unicycle, skateboard, wind up jet ski. Just in case.'

You may also want to watch:

@linnet1976: 'I walk to work. Am now off to stock up on shoes. Just in case.'

@Lyndaaa: 'I still have the bicycle that I panic bought back in 2000. I might go and panic buy a new saddle as a treat!'

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@robbiej155: 'Am I one step ahead? I'm going out to buy a bicycle before people think about other means of transport! #panicbuying'

@RealDavidHardy: 'Fuel panic or fools panic!?'

@robbiej155: 'I don't suppose if they made a car that ran on water would be much good either!!! #panicbuying #watershortage #crazy'

And Roger Chamberlin, via Facebook, said: 'Just passed a toilet with a queue outside. Mr Cameron's been up to his old tricks again?'

At least some people are able to see the funny side amid the craziness of the last few days.

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