Chloe Smith tipped to become new ‘minister for union’ in cabinet reshuffle

Conservative MP Chloe Smith has been tipped for a promotion. Photograph: Neil Didsbury.

Conservative MP Chloe Smith has been tipped for a promotion. Photograph: Neil Didsbury. - Credit: Archant

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith has been tipped as the new 'minister for the union' in Boris Johnson's forthcoming cabinet reshuffle.

The Telegraph reports that Tory MPs who originally backed Remain in the EU referendum, including Smith, Oliver Dowden and Lucy Frazer, will all receive promotions in the reshuffle which is expected to happen tomorrow.

Ms Smith looks set to take on the duty as part of an "expanded role" in the Cabinet Office, and will be looking after the United Kingdom at a time when the future of the union remains in doubt.

Governments in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all recently voted against Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, while elections in both Scotland and Northern Ireland have produced results which could lead to fresh referendums.

The SNP are pushing for a new vote on Scottish independence, while Sinn Féin's success in the Irish general election could lead to a border poll within the next decade.

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Boris Johnson appointed himself the minister for the union when he created the role after arriving in 10 Downing Street.

If appointed, one of Smith's first jobs is likely to be overseeing a new £5 million advertising campaign to convince the Scottish people to support staying the UK.

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Ms Smith could also have involvement in looking at the feasibility of Boris Johnson's plans for a new bridge between Ireland and Scotland.

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