Campaigners plan Norwich rally in support of EU membership

A campaigner at the EU Referendum count in Norwich

A campaigner at the EU Referendum count in Norwich - Credit: Archant

Pro-EU campaigners are planning a city centre rally after Norwich bucked the national trend and voted to remain in the organisation.

In last Thursday's UK-wide referendum, 52pc of voters backed the campaign to leave the EU. However, Remain won in Norwich, with 56pc of the vote.

On Facebook, organisers of the demonstration said: 'We need to stand up for ourselves. The Leave campaign have put us in a position where we will lose our futures.

'Come along and take a stand. In any other walk of life a 4pc difference would mean no clear result at all. Yet somehow our politicians believe that it is OK to risk our futures. The referendum was not representative of the population, with those who have the greatest amount of time and money receiving the result they wanted. Yet a majority of those who voted Remain are having their futures put at risk.

'The economy has already taken a hit. Let it not be our futures as well.'

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More than 400 people on Facebook have said they will attend the rally, due to take place at City Hall on Thursday, July 7, at 7pm.

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