Call to respect your taxi driver in west Norfolk

Respect Your Taxi Driver: West Norfolk Council's new campaign. L-R Jim Nolan, Terry Thorn, Teresa Sh

Respect Your Taxi Driver: West Norfolk Council's new campaign. L-R Jim Nolan, Terry Thorn, Teresa Shepperson, Gary Greenacre. - Credit: Archant

People in west Norfolk are being urged in a new advertising campaign to respect taxi drivers in the run-up to Christmas, amid reports of bad behaviour in cabs.

West Norfolk Council's licensing team guarantees that taxi drivers and their vehicles are at a very high standard, and they're asking passengers to make sure their behaviour is the same.

The borough council's Respect Your Taxi Driver campaign features the region's licensed taxi drivers in print ads, posters, and short videos on its website.

Some of the unacceptable behaviour by taxi passengers reported to the council include vomiting, urinating and food soiling, abusive language, physical threats, and racist abuse.

Adrian Lawrence, borough council cabinet member for housing and community, said: 'These men and women have gone to considerable lengths to obtain and keep their licence, so I urge everyone to show them the respect they deserve when you're in their vehicle.

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'It's worrying that these kinds of incidents are being reported to us. I'm particularly shocked that some drivers are experiencing racial abuse: this is completely unacceptable.'

Jim Nolan, who has been a taxi driver in west Norfolk for 23 years, said that, while most of his passengers are great, a few did not behave properly.

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He added: 'I've experienced disrespect, and damage to my vehicle, and I know some of my fellow drivers have too. We get passengers who refuse to pay the fare, which is not on – you wouldn't expect anyone else to work for you for free.

'I worry that bad behaviour from a few passengers will put my colleagues off working as taxi drivers.'

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