Elizabeth Truss revealed she has her own box of Weetabix proudly displayed on her desk in the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs as her monthly question session in the House of Commons saw MPs break into fits of giggles.

In the latest of a series of bizarre exchanges which have become a feature of the parliamentary session, the admission was prompted by a Conservative MP calling for the breakfast cereal to be served at every international trade conference organised by one of the Government's departments.

Conservative Philip Hollobone labelled the food as a 'great British breakfast cereal', adding it should also be served at all early morning meetings held by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra).

The environment secretary did not agree to Mr Hollobone's request in her reply to the Commons, although insisted Weetabix is a 'real example of linking farm through to fork'.

She noted she proudly displays her own box of 'Elizabeth Truss Weetabix' on her Defra desk.

A bemused Commons Speaker John Bercow said: 'It's always useful to have a bit of information.

'We're very greatly obliged to the secretary of state. We've learnt more about her domestic arrangements.'

MPs later dissolved into fits of giggles when another MP recalled when a hedgehog he brought into the House of Commons 'did something terrible' in his hand before scurrying away.

Michael Fabricant (Lichfield) said his decision to bring a hedgehog into the chamber was 'completely out of order', adding he believed then speaker Betty Boothroyd would not have approved.

He told MPs about the incident as he urged ministers to protect the prickly mammal from being eaten by badgers.

Last year the environment secretary told the House of Commons she wanted hedgehogs to have a happy Christmas just like us while responding to Conservative MP Oliver Colvile who asked whether she would meet with himself and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society to discuss the safety and future of hedgehogs – a 'hedgehog summit', if you will.