A man who threw a lit cigarette from his car window has been fined £100.

Breckland Council's environmental enforcement team was working in Saham Toney, near Watton, on the afternoon of August 8 when they saw a driver throw a cigarette butt onto a grass verge.

The council officer put the cigarette out and spoke to the driver, who eventually admitted to the offence.

The man was then given an on-the-spot fixed penalty of £100 for littering.

Ian Sherwood from Breckland Council said: "Roadside and verge littering can turn our beautiful towns and villages into unsightly messes and it is completely unacceptable.

"In this case, especially with the exceptional weather conditions we have been experiencing, the partially lit cigarette could easily have posed a fire threat to residents and the local wildlife.

"Thanks to the vigilance of our council staff and their speedy intervention, the area was made safe and the culprit was reminded of the dangers of disposing of still-lit cigarettes."