We've teamed up with The Bureau for Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) to find out who is targeting Facebook users in this area with political adverts, known as 'dark ads'.

In the 2015 General Election and last year's EU Referendum campaign, millions of pounds was spent buying political adverts on Facebook and targeting them to specific groups.

But we know little about who was behind some of these 'dark ads' - and unlike adverts put in newspapers or on television they are unregulated.

We hope to help throw some light on this.

A project called Who Targets Me tracks the political advertising in your Facebook newsfeed.

And Who Targets Me is recruiting social media users to share the information they are being shown with them.

They will then share that information with The Bureau Local, part of TBIJ.

From that data we can find out which political groups are using these adverts and what they are showing us.

Sign up for Who Targets Me? here.