Calls have been made for a Norfolk councillor to be reprimanded and removed from a position of leadership at a parish council, after she was found to have breached the code of conduct.

Laura Stango, vice-chairman of Mundesley Parish Council, appeared before North Norfolk District Council's standards committee twice after complaints of bullying and failure to declare an interest at separate parish council meetings.

The committee panel decided her behaviour would continue to bring Mundesley PC into disrepute, and it recommended she be removed from her position of vice-chairman and also be reprimanded.

The panel also found concerns about 'the patterns of behaviour emerging in relation to the conduct of Mundesley PC'.

And it called for parish council chairman David Harding to show what steps the council was taking to embed good practice and ensure that members were aware of their obligations under the code.

A Mundesley resident, who did not wish to be named, said: 'It's very sad really because it brings shame on our parish council.'

Mrs Stango said she was unable to comment, when contacted by this newspaper.

The standards committee met on July 18 and heard she had failed to declare an interest in Mundesley Ambulance First Responders at a meeting on June 20, 2016, where a decision to award a grant to that body was made. Mrs Stango was the secretary/ treasurer of Mundesley First Responders and her husband was a first responder.

The panel felt her behaviour fell short of that required of someone holding public office, and were concerned that either she had a lack of awareness of the standards required under the code or had a disregard for them.

At an earlier hearing, the panel found her conduct following a meeting on March 21, 2016 was 'disrespectful' to an employee in that she 'undermined her and caused embarrassment'. And at the meeting, when she questioned the employee about her health and employment plans.

The committee exists to ensure that councillors maintain a high standard of conduct, and to arrange training to help them do so.

Mr Harding said he could not comment.