A new lap dancing club has been given a licence to operate in Prince of Wales Road, despite objections from people living in the city.

Norwich City Council's licensing committee unanimously approved to grant Petrit Vladi a licence for the Pure Gold lap dancing club in Prince of Wales Road.

The council last year granted planning permission for the former Bar 52 to be turned into the club, but a fresh licensing application had to be sought after the previous Bar 52 ceased trading.

Licensing consultant Gavin Tempest, on behalf of the applicant, said the same applicant who ran Bar 52 was behind this proposal and he wanted to turn what was a bar into a lap dance club.

He said there had been no incidents in Prince of Wales Road directly attributable to Bar 52 and a lap dance club would not lead to more crime and disorder.

Michelle Bartram, Norfolk police's licensing officer, said the premises had previously held a licence since 2013 and the force had no issues with the venue or its management.

She said; 'Based on the fact the venue seeks to re-open with the same management, it is difficult to evidence that the granting of the licence will cause a significant impact to the crime and disorder or any other licensing objectives as a consequence.'

But there were 10 objections from people living in the city and two from councillors, including from Green city councillor Ben Price, who represents Thorpe Hamlet.

He said the council had a cumulative impact policy which was designed to control the number of new premises allowed to operate and that there was 'disproportionately high' levels of crime and disorder in the Prince of Wales Road area.

Mr Price said the application should be dealt with as if it was a new application and the previous history should not be regarded as relevant.

He said: 'We have a saturation problem in the area of the city. Alcohol leads to bad decision making by people who are out there. A few last drinks consumed at the end of the night and its what happens outside these venues afterwards that is the problem.'

However, the three member licensing committee unanimously approved the licence, with alcohol available from 8pm until 3.45am.