Councillors in Norfolk who are also Freemasons may soon have to declare this as an interest.

Mike Smith-Clare, Labour councillor for the Yarmouth Nelson and Southtown division, has motioned for it to be made a requirement for Mason councillors to declare their memberships.

He said: 'Suffolk moved to make it a requirement last year. I think transparency is so important in local government and I don't want Norfolk to become an anomaly in that sense.'

Tom Garrod represents the Wroxham division and has been a Mason for eight years.

He said: 'I have no problem with it - if I was not proud to be a Mason I would not be one.

'However, it is no different to being a member of the Lions or Rotary clubs, so I don't really see why we should be treated any differently.'

The motion goes before Norfolk County Council on Monday, July 23.