The best places for quality of life in Norfolk have been revealed by a major new study - with North Norfolk topping the table.

And, when it comes to wellbeing, Suffolk is deemed a better place to live than Norfolk.

The analysis - known as the Thriving Places Index - was carried out by wellbeing charity Happy City and examined more than 60 indicators.

Pulling together data from national sources, such as the Office for National Statistics and Public Health England, the index rates gives scores out of 10 for a string of elements which the charity says has an influence on people's wellbeing.

That includes housing, transport, physical and mental health, education and employment.

The index split those factors into three headline categories - local conditions, sustainability and equality.

In Norfolk, North Norfolk achieved the highest score across those - rated at 6.57 for equality, 4.99 for local conditions and 5.17 for sustainability.

While the area scored highly for safety (7.33) and low unemployment (8.12), it was marked at just 3.03 for transport and 3.24 for education and learning.

Broadland ranked second, including high scores for safety (7.59), life expectancy (7.1) and community cohesion (7.17), but got just 3.36 for transport and 4.49 for adult education.

Eastern Daily Press: A survey has revealed the best places for quality of life in Norfolk. Picture: Ian BurtA survey has revealed the best places for quality of life in Norfolk. Picture: Ian Burt (Image: Archant)

In third, fourth and fifth were Breckland, South Norfolk and West Norfolk. Norwich was sixth, with 5.12 for equality, 4.26 for local conditions and 4.86 for sustainability.

The city was marked at just 2.10 for community cohesion and 2.69 for work and local economy, with children's education marked at a lowly 2.59.

But it was Great Yarmouth which fared worst in Norfolk. It was scored at 4.38 for equality, 3.60 for local conditions and 5.57 for sustainability.

The town was marked at 2.19 for education and learning and 2.94 for work and local economy. Mental and physical health was rated at 3.27.

And Norfolk overall did not perform as well as Suffolk. Norfolk got a 5.13 mark for equality, a 4.90 for local conditions and 5.56 for sustainability.

But Suffolk fared slightly better, with 5.01 for equality, 5.15 for local conditions and 5.74 for sustainability.