A new managers' lodge could be built on a popular care farm, provided plans get the go-ahead.

Eastern Daily Press: Pathways Care Farm logo.Pathways Care Farm logo. (Image: Archant)

Plans have been submitted for the new lodge to be constructed at Pathways Care Farm to provide living accommodation for the site manager on the site of 13-acres of farmland in north Lowestoft.

The care farm, which provides "a unique and essential facility within the local community", has been operating for more than three years.

A scheme proposing a "one bedroom lodge building" was submitted to East Suffolk Council last week and it is currently "awaiting decision".

A design and access statement, prepared by Wheatman Planning Ltd on behalf of Mr G Stevens, states: "The proposed Managers' Lodge will replace a residential caravan that was stationed on the site but was removed in late August."

The development centres around the construction of "a modest sized single storey lodge building to provide living accommodation for the site manager."

It adds: "The lodge will be built on the same position as that occupied by the static caravan, which measured 12m long by 4.2m wide.

"The position for the new lodge is located to the east of the old Farmhouse.

"The appearance of the building has been designed to reflect a small traditional farm building."

With Pathways Care Farm providing a "caring healthy and therapeutic environment" for vulnerable people to learn through a range of hands-on farming activities, the service is run by a local charity that has widespread support.

It adds: "Pathways Care Farm is an established unit that provides a unique and essential facility within the local community.

"A permanent full time manager living onsite is considered essential, not only to ensure the efficient running of the farm and provide supervision of the various livestock kept at the farm but also to address security issues and to protect the site from anti-social behaviour and vandalism."

The design and access statement concludes: "It has been demonstrated that Pathways Care Farm is a well established and essential facility that provides an important role within the local community for various groups of vulnerable people.

"A full time manager resident on the site is essential for both efficiency and security reasons."