A Norfolk council will start the hunt for a Ukrainian and Russian speaker to help support families fleeing the conflict in eastern Europe.

North Norfolk District Council (NNDC) has approved plans to hire a new officer to support the women, children and older people seeking sanctuary in the area.

More than three million Ukrainians are believed to have fled from the war against Russia, with the UK promising to do its bit in housing refugees.

The community support officer is intended to help provide a "warm welcome" and assist the refugees in getting access to health services, education and providing language support, as well as help finding employment.

At a cabinet meeting on Monday, a council officer said the authority was looking at further ways it can bolster the support it will offer.

He suggested the council offices could be used as a 'welcome hub'.

He said: "This post is designed to support families who are arriving from Ukraine with very little resources, into a different country, from a very traumatic situation.”

NNDC's cabinet unanimously approved the new officer role. It is expected to last for 12 months and cost around £50,000.