City Hall is looking to bid for up to £40m of government cash to spend on transport schemes, improving high streets and sprucing up Norwich’s cultural assets.

While the bid is still in its early stages council leader Alan Waters said it represents a major opportunity for the city.

The funding is part of the government's "levelling up" agenda and is intended for investment in local infrastructure that has a visible impact on people and their communities up to 2024-25.

The city council will not reveal details of what projects they are putting forward until after the closing date for bid submissions on July 6 due to “the competitive nature of the bidding process”.

However, the city council has outlined three areas the bid could relate to:

  • Smaller transport projects that reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, cut congestion or support economic growth.
  • Town centre and high street regeneration for key leisure and retail sites, improving the public realm including high streets, parks and green spaces, designing out opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour and creating better connectivity between and within key retail and leisure sites.
  • Cultural and heritage assets - including upgrading or developing new cultural spaces such as sports facilities, museums, arts venues, theatres, libraries, film facilities, prominent landmarks or historical buildings, parks or gardens.

Local authorities can submit one £20m bid for up to three projects for every MP whose constituency lies within their boundary.

Norwich can potentially go for two bids, bringing in up to £40m.

Funding provided from the Levelling Up Fund is required to be spent by March 31, 2025.

Alan Waters, leader of the city council, said: "We are very serious about bidding for this.

"It's a tight timeframe but we are confident we can bring together our preferred proposals.

"It is a big opportunity for Norwich to drive regeneration and amenities for the city.

"This continues to build on what we are doing with the Town Deal funding and part of that bigger picture to support the Norwich 2040 Vision."

The Norwich 2040 Vision is a long-term ambition to tackle issues in the city like poor health by working with partner organisations.