Liz Truss says 'security issues' could mean partygate report 'problematic' to publish

Foreign secretary, Liz Truss arrives in Downing Street, London, ahead of the government's weekly Cab

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss arriving at No 10 on Tuesday for a cabinet meeting - Credit: PA

Liz Truss has said the incoming Sue Gray report into the party-gate scandal could be "problematic to publish" due to "security issues".

The South West Norfolk MP made the claim while speaking with Sky News this morning when asked if the report would be published in full.

Ms Truss also continued to insist she backed Boris Johnson "100 pc" despite this week's revelations that the prime minister had attended a birthday party celebration in his honour during lockdown in June 2020.

The foreign secretary said: “We have been absolutely clear that we will publish the findings of the report.

“We don’t know the content of the report, so there could be, for example, security issues that mean parts of it are problematic to publish. But we will absolutely publish the findings of the report.”

The statement comes as the chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life warned that Mr Johnson could attempt “jiggery-pokery” by publishing Ms Gray’s report just before PMQs to avoid being questioned on its findings.

Chris Bryant said the prime minister was likely intending to “manipulate parliament” once the report by the senior civil servant into possible lockdown breaches across government is handed over to No.10.

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Ms Truss also reiterated her support for the PM, adding: "He’s admitted that mistakes were made and I 100pc support him, and want him to continue as prime minister.”

When asked if the Norfolk MP had attended any rule-breaking parties herself, Ms Truss said she hadn't and had not been invited to any.

An empty chair has also taken the place of Liz Truss this morning, after she declined an opportunity to speak with ITV's Good Morning Britain despite conducting media interviews elsewhere.

On Tuesday, South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon also continued his public backing for the prime minister, saying he had only committed a "relatively minor offence" by attending an indoors birthday celebration in his honour during the first Covid lockdown.

It is expected that Ms Gray's report into the party scandals will be released today.

A separate investigation by the Met Police is also underway which could determine if any criminal wrongdoings occurred at No.10.