Living near a good local pub in Norwich can increase the value of your house

An extra reason to back your community pub emerged today with news that living near a good local can even boost the value of your house.

As the Evening News' Love your Local campaign, which celebrates its third anniversary this month, has highlighted, pubs offer much more than just a drink and something to eat.

And when there's an award-winning pub down the road then that boosts the value of the neighbouring properties, with estate agents across the country now claiming that homebuyers are increasingly checking out the local pub before moving into a new area.

One of the areas in Norwich most popular with homebuyers and also with real ale fans is the Golden Triangle, which boasts The Unthank Arms in Newmarket Street as one of its most popular establishments.

Nick De'Ath, who has owned the Unthank Arms with wife Briony since 2005, said: 'It's a bonus for people to live near a great pub. I would advise anyone thinking of moving house to check out the local before deciding.

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'A good pub or restaurant and other amenities lift the value of your area. There are fantastic pubs in the Golden Triangle, which is one of the reason why house prices here have stood up so well in the recession.'

Estate agents across the city are also finding out that a good local adds to the attractiveness of a particular area.

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Ken Shipman, from Shipman's estate agents in Upper King Street, said: 'While I would not say I have had people specifically saying they wanted to buy a property near a pub, if you have got a pub or shop nearby, it does make the area far more attractive.

'Personally, I like real ales, so a pub serving them would be an attractive area for me to live in.'

Charlie Webster, of Websters estate agents in Unthank Road, said that the Golden Triangle was renowned for its quality pubs, which made homes in the area easier to sell.

He said: 'Being in the Golden Triangle, which is known as a good pub area, it does make a difference.'

Meanwhile, Nick Eley, chairman of Norwich & District Association of Estate Agents and partner at property firm Watsons, said that selling a house close to a popular pub was an advantage, especially if it also served good food.

He said: 'Obviously people like to see good amenities. If you've got a really nice pub down the road that also serves good food, that's one more reason for homebuyers to move into that area.'

The Evening News launched our Love your Local campaign in February 2009 amid concerns that too many pubs were closing.

We wanted to help save a great Norwich tradition - the local pub - by highlighting all that is good about them, including the positive impact they have on the community.

Throughout the campaign we have set out the reasons why pubs are important and why we need to save them for future generations.

Norwich has been renowned for its pubs for centuries, and was once famed for having a pub for every day of the year, although there are now only about 150 left.

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