LIVE OLYMPIC TORCH COVERAGE: Minute-by-minute commentary as the fun and frolics move to Norwich

Follow our live Olympic Torch relay coverage as the celebrations move to Norwich

17.41 While the torch finishes off in Aylsham it's fair to say the party has already begun in Norwich at Chapelfield Gardens where thousands are watching the torch on the big screen. There's also a load of entertainment from dancers, acrobats, jugglers, the lot.

Please feel free to send me your reaction and pics either to or via twitter @david_powles

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17.57 We are still on time and the torch is heading into Norwich where people are even lining the streets just to look at the convoy. Among those already gathered in Norwich is Andrew Surman, Norwich City midfielder, pictured here.

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18.05 Norwich is buzzing it has to be said. I can even feel it from here surrounded by the late guys about to get the papers out. Honest.

My favourite Norwich quote so far, as the torch heads down Aylsham Road, comes courtesy of Tara Greaves: '@taragreaves: #torchrelay #norwich great to see everyone so happy!'

That pretty much sums up what it is all about.

18.07 The road seems barely passable as we heads into Norwich, so deep are the crowds. In Chapelfield the stage has come alive and we have Norwich dancers performing.

18.18 We're on Magpie Road now, north city, heading towards the centre. Reports that there's already loads going on in Chapelfield Gardens and in front of City Hall and The Forum. An interesting tweet about the convoy:

'@amylouisetea There are about 6 police motorbikes, torch relay coach 2012 and 2 olympic cars #torchrelay'.

18.22 As the torch heads into Norwich the police officers in the bike convoy are apparently high-fiving the crowd. I'm sure some wag is pointing out they'd probably arrest a normal punter for doing that. All part of the spirit!

18.32 As the torch reaches the city centre, here's a quote from our Head of Production Mark Hindle to try sum it all up: 'Lots of dads in suits looking for families in Chapelfield. Great atmosphere.'

The torch is now officially in front of City Hall, where I'm reliably informed there's a cracking atmosphere. Everyone's cheering hard as it goes past.

18.45 Chapelfield Gardens is chocca as the torch heads towards it. People are reporting that it is full and no one else can get in.

Here's what @ellenrosecave says on twitter 'Just saw the torch! Atmosphere is mad in #Norwich right now. #torchrelay'

If you can't get into the gardens then don't fear. There's stuff going on in front of The Forum as well as City Hall. Get down there as it should be a great evening.

19.01 The torch has reached Chapelfield Gardens where thousands are there to put it in a big cauldron, while music and dancing is played. We'll bring you the pics as soon as we have them.

Not quite sure what happens next. Does the torch head off to a local hotel and bed down for the night? Perhaps a few drinks and then off to Prince of Wales Road?

In reality I suspect the crew take their white van to the nearest hotel and get the next torch polished for the morning.

Just because the torch is still the fun doesn't end so keep posted on this to find out what is going on. At the home of EDP and Evening News, an underground bunker many miles from all the fun, we have already started to pull together our special supplements for tomorrow, full of pics, reaction and some of the heart-warming tales.

19.18 Everything seems to be settling down now after what has been a brilliant day. I'm going to finish this part of the live coverage by giving you a taste of what people are saying on twitter. Our coverage doesn't stop there though. We'll have more of your pictures and comments on our Live Blog via Storify, as well as stories and picture galleries uploaded as we get them.

And, don't forget it all cracks off again tomorrow, with the torch visiting Hethersett at 6am before leaving our fine city from 6.30pm. It goes from the Castle, through Tombland, past the cathedral and then across the River Wensum at Pull's Ferry. It will finish on the ring road at Margaret Crescent. From here it heads to Acle at 8.02, Filby at 8.20, Great Yarmouth at 9.02, Lowestoft at 9.57, Wrentham at 11.05, Reydon at 11.22 and Southwold at 11.26, which is where our coverage will end.

Be sure to buy tomorrow's EDP and Evening News for more pics. Then don't forget to check back online tomorrow for more live coverage and buy Friday's papers for yet more pictures. Phew, that's tiring. Hope you have enjoyed our coverage though. We're ordering pizza while we sort the newspapers.

Some final reaction:


We had a great moment when the torch met in front of us and we were playing a Rio de janeiro tune #torchrelay


I haven't heard a cheer like that for an overdue running man holding an oversized comedy lighter since my last barbecue. #TorchRelay


Bit chaotic that one! #torchrelay


The #torchrelay has been a masterpiece of planning. To get it accessible to almost the entire population is one hell of an achievement


Kate: 'It was so brilliant to actually see the flame being lit on Duke Street where I live' #torchrelay


Lots of cheeering in Norwich #torchrelay


Packed here in chapelfield gardens #torchrelay


Ice cream stall and fish and chips stalls on Norwich market doing a roaring trade! #torchrelay


Crazy crowds as the flame is passed on to new torchbearer in front of city hall #torchrelay I'm not tall enough!

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