Litter bugs in Thorpe St Andrew could face fines of up to £80 in proposals for penalty notices

Thorpe St Andrew Town Council parks and estates manager Darrin Sayer, town mayor Ian Mackie and chil

Thorpe St Andrew Town Council parks and estates manager Darrin Sayer, town mayor Ian Mackie and children from Thorpe Pavilion Nursery display new 'dog poop' posters. The council has agreed to introduce fines of up to £80 against people who drop litter. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

People who drop litter could be hit with fines of £80 as part of a clamp- down on the problem.

Thorpe St Andrew Town Council is considering introducing fixed-penalty notices at parks and open spaces around the town.

It comes following numerous complaints about the amount of rubbish, smashed glass and dog mess being left in the area. And this evening councillors will decide whether or not to bring in the new measures.

While the town council is yet to set how much it will charge, government guidelines suggest people can be fined between £75 and £80.

Thomas Foreman, town clerk, said: 'During the summer months there is an increase in the issue, with sport pitches, car parks and outside buildings becoming litter hot spots.

'Not only does this have additional costs in litter picking, it is unsightly and has led to injury where smashed glass has been left on sports pitches.'

The council said enforcement would be undertaken by the park and estates officers, as well as other members of staff.

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It comes after Broadland District Council launched its own campaign to tackle dog mess in the town.

As part of the scheme, children from Dussindale Primary School were asked to design posters encouraging people to pick up after their dogs. Mr Foreman said council staff had increased their presence in some of the worst affected areas, but it had 'limited results'.

He added: 'It is hoped that the deterrent of fixed penalty notices will reassure residents that we are proactive in tackling these concerns.

'The hope is that it will act as a deterrent and will be a seldom used, but highly effective tool to tackle the issue. As always, our primary focus will be on educating those who drop litter.'

Emma Smith, chair of Friends of Thorpe St Andrew Parks. said surveys undertaken within the community had found dog mess to be a 'huge issue'.

She added: 'I think it will make people think twice if they are spotted and they are fined. As long as the town council is providing an adequate number of bins they there is really no excuse for dog owners and people littering to pick up after themselves.'

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