List of the lost: What’s in Norfolk Police’s lost property bunker?

Two horses were among the items of lost property handed in to Norfolk Police.

Two horses were among the items of lost property handed in to Norfolk Police. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Shotguns, a turtle, a church suggestion box and a photo from Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach log flume are among the weird and wacky lost property items that have been handed into Norfolk Police over the last three years.

An FOI request from the EDP revealed that nearly 10,000 items have been handed in by members of the public or found by officers since 2011.

The 89-page document shows a catalogue of the usual culprits, with hundreds of wallets, passports and sets of keys making up the bulk of the list.

But there are also appearances by quirkier items including a stethoscope, two bird baths and a pair of knickers.

The items are kept in storage for four weeks to give the owners a chance to collect them.

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The finders then have a fortnight to claim the item for themselves, with items such as passports, explosives, offensive weapons or controlled substances prohibited from being handed over. Items that can hold digital data, such as mobile phones, iPods or cameras are also prohibited.

If the item is considered to be part of an investigation, the police can keep it for longer.

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A spokeswoman said there were a number of ways in which items were brought in.

'Found property can come into the Constabulary via a number of ways, but we mostly take in items handed in to our Public Enquiry Offices.

'Officers who find property whilst on patrol or at events such as festivals would also book items into our Electronic Property System. The officer taking receipt of a found item will carry out checks on police systems to see if it has been reported as lost or stolen.

'Unclaimed items are disposed of in a variety of ways depending on what the item is – some will be sold at auction or donated to charitable schemes, and some will only be suitable for waste disposal. Official documents such as bank cards or passports are returned to the issuing authority,' she said.

The list also includes a number of items handed in via firearm and knife amnesty drives.

Shotguns, handguns, knives, swords and ammunition all feature.

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