Lewis Hendry funeral: Family’s poignant tributes to “a true hero”

Mourners at this afternoon's funeral service for 20-year-old Dereham soldier Lewis Hendry heard emotional eulogies read by his parents Katrina and Kelvin, his brother Jamie and sister Stacey.

Katrina read a poem entitled Why and Stacey chose a song to be played in her brother's memory – the soulful The World's Greatest by R Kelly.


Lewis one of the only people who I can truly say lived life to the full! You always had that cheeky smile on your face and always knew how to cheer anyone up.

I am so proud to call you my brother, a true hero. You taught me that the world is a big scary place but to also live it on the edge and have fun because, like they always say, you only live once.

I have always felt safe having you as my brother and you were always one step ahead to protect me. I will cherish my entire childhood with you because the memories are endless.

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I could stand up here all day and try and explain how much of an impact you have had on my life but it still wouldn't come close. I love you Lewy and I know you will always be with me wherever I go.

I have chosen this song – RKelly, The World's Greatest – because whenever I listen to it I feel like you are here with me.

Sleep tight angel.


I still cannot believe I am standing here today in front of you all saying goodbye to my brother and best friend, Lewy.

Words cannot describe my pain since the second I knew you were no longer with us.

We shared lots of years and a whole lot of fun. I just can't believe it has ended this way, there were so many things I wanted to say.

Your tragic death has left a big hole but I will try not to fret, you are now a free soul.

You will be in my heart forever and I will never stop thinking about you.

You had such amazing strength and courage and I will always be proud to call you my brother.

Love you Lew.


I don't know why

Life is so cruel and so unkind

Why did they take my son so soon

I'll never forget you Lewis

Those big blue eyes, that wonderful smile

Your big strong arms that hugged me so tight

I love you Lewis

Please sleep tight

God bless you


Lewy. Not only was he a son, brother and grandson, but a brother to all. Born on the 12th February, 1990.

When he first came into this world we were holding him in our arms looking at our new son – we were so proud. And he welcomed us by having a wee all over me. Didn't we laugh about that many times over.

Watching him grow up (such a cheeky little feller) he always had that big smile and those bright eyes that lit you up.

We were laying on his bed this Christmas chatting about the old times. Lewy said : 'Do you remember when we went over the fen with J one morning and you got your knife out and a ball of string and made us some bow and arrows out of the hedge and we played for hours and it cost nothing?' Good times.

Lewy had a great love for fishing and he would go for days at a time. But there was always something a little bit different about our Lewy. Always daring and wanting the best life has to offer.

Lewy had a few jobs when he left school but they never seemed enough as he always wanted to be part of something special. Then he said about joining the army, I tried to get him to go into the RAF but it was 3PARA he wanted and nothing else would do.

So, Lewy, you got there and we are very proud of you and all your brothers in arms, you will live on forever in our hearts.