‘Let’s make sure he gets the biggest cheer’ - son of TV presenter Simon Thomas to be Norwich City mascot for Middlesbrough match

Simon Thomas and his wife Gemma, pictured in Dereham in 2004. Pic: Adrian Judd.

Simon Thomas and his wife Gemma, pictured in Dereham in 2004. Pic: Adrian Judd. - Credit: Archant © 2004

Norwich City fans have been urged to give an extra loud cheer for the mascot at Carrow Road today.

Gemma, Simon and Ethan Thomas on the London Eye. Photo: Simon Thomas

Gemma, Simon and Ethan Thomas on the London Eye. Photo: Simon Thomas - Credit: Simon Thomas

The Canaries mascot for today's Championship clash with Middlesbrough is Ethan Thomas, 8, the son of TV presenter Simon Thomas.

They were left devastated in November last year when Gemma Thomas, Ethan's mother and Simon's wife died at the age of just 40.

The Sky Sports presenter first tweeted the tragic news on November 26 and the committed Christian urged people to pray for his son.

Mr Thomas has been posting pictures on Instagram of what he calls 'snack notes' for his son, which he leaves in Ethan's lunchbox. And yesterday's note revealed that Ethan will be the mascot for today's game.

It read: 'It's Friday and I've got a feeling something good is coming your way. Tomorrow you're a mascot for Norwich City v Middlesbrough.

'You'll make Daddy SO proud. I love you Daddy xxx. OTBC.'

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The Instagram post was shared thousands of times and supporters of both sides have urged fellow fans to give Ethan a special cheer when he walks out of the tunnel before the 3pm kick-off.

One fan responded: 'Will get my boys to shout a little louder and clap a little harder for your brave son. Hope he enjoys his special day. You are an amazing team xx'

And a Middlesbrough supporter said: 'As much as I'd love three points to head back to Teesside tomorrow I sincerely hope the two of you have a great day #teamthomas'

ITV Anglia's Jack Reeve tweeted that Ethan was a legend and urged fans: 'Let's make sure he gets the biggest cheer when he walks out tomorrow. He deserves it.'

Linda Key tweeted: 'I love this Simon he will get the biggest cheer, you've reduced me to tears again, lots of love to Ethan xxx #otbc'

And even Ipswich Town fans were moved. One said: 'Even as an Ipswich fan this warms my heart. Enjoy the day little man... hopefully not the result ;)'

Lifelong Canaries fan, Norfolk-raised Mr Thomas, 44, has opened his heart about the pain and torment the death has caused him and Ethan in a powerful and poignant blog.

His wife died just three days after she was diagnosed with blood cancer. She had previously been to the doctors three times with flu like symptoms and was sent home to rest.

She was finally admitted to hospital when her condition continued to deteroriate and was found to have acute myeloid leukaemia.

Mr Thomas has been backing a campaign to educate GPs about the disease and to take blood tests from suspected sufferes.

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