LEAP YEAR: Double celebrations for leap year baby from Cromer

Across the country today pensioners will be celebrating as they enter their late teens, parents will revel at reaching double figures and teenagers will enjoy reaching primary school age.

Because today is the one day of the year that only comes around every 1,460 days – February 29.

Like fans of the World Cup and the Olympics, babies born on this day have to wait four years for their celebrations, when they can mark turning their 'real' age thanks to the quirky twist in time that is a leap year.

Among the clutch of people around the globe who have been patiently waiting since 2008 to commemorate their true anniversary today is Catherine Metcalf.

And as she only gets the chance to enjoy it once every four years the mum-of-two from Cromer is going all out with her celebrations to mark turning both 10 and 40.

She said: 'It's quite a big thing being a leap year baby. I tend to celebrate on the 28th and the 1st and when I have a real birthday, like this year, I celebrate the birthday as you would a 21st or an 18th.

Growing up as a leap year baby was a 'mostly positive' experience she said, but admitted her parents did not want her to have the unique birth date. 'They really didn't want me to be born on the 29th. I was late and my mum desperately hoped she could hold me in but I see the sunny side of it. It's an opportunity to do a little bit more,' she added.

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Mrs Metcalf, who works at Cromer's Garden House Gallery, began counting down the days to her big day at the weekend and is continuing her special anniversary today and with a trip to London on Saturday.

And being a leap year she is expecting a deluge of presents and cards – many of which will be tailored to her 'real' age.

She added: 'You get child specific presents and I bet I'll have more 10 cards than 40. But people will say I'm very 10 at heart.'

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