King’s Lynn couple help celebrate Butlins 75th anniversary

Roy and Jill Williamson share holiday memories for national TV documentary

It's the epitome of a family holiday and almost everyone has been at least once - now the great holiday camp institution Butlins is celebrating its 75th birthday.

A special hour-long television documentary, due to be screened tonight (Tuesday) - features a King's Lynn couple who have been enjoying breaks with Butlins for more than 40 years.

But it was the film footage that retired press photographer Roy Williamson had collected that proved a hit with a TV production company putting together the show for ITV1.

Mr Williamson, 68, and his wife Jill, 63, of South Wootton first began visiting Butlins with their respective parents in the 1960s before going on to take their own children and now their grandchildren to the popular holiday venues.

'Jill saw a piece in a magazine asking for people to get in touch if they had old footage of Butlins. I had a load on old cine film which I put onto a DVD and sent it in,' said Mr Williamson, a parish councillor and civic mace bearer in King's Lynn.

The TV company got in touch and Mr and Mrs Williamson spent some time in Skegness filming for the programme which is due to be broadcast at 8pm.

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'I have no idea what it will be like because we haven't seen it. But it was interesting to do and they seemed to like the bits of film we had,' said Mr Williamson.

The couple took their children, Stephen, 40, and Kate, 38, to Butlins when they were young - and now they take Kate's two children Danielle, 16, and Callum, 7.

'It's a good place to go for the family - but it's not a luxury holiday really,' said Mr Williamson.

He and his wife swap Butlins for Bondi on a regular basis when they travel to Sydney, Australia, to see their son and his two children Rose, 18-months, and Archie, 3.

'We have been to Butlins a lot over the years, but we go to other places as well in between. It's all good fun,' said Mr Williamson.

The Butlins Story also features interviews with former redcoats, including Roy Hudd, and is narrated by Liza Tarbuck.

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