keeper’s blog: “The cubs proved a little elusive”

Banham Zoo shows off their newest additions to the park, as yet, unnamed tiger cubs which are now kn

Banham Zoo shows off their newest additions to the park, as yet, unnamed tiger cubs which are now known to be girls. - Credit: Archant

Yesterday the cubs proved a little elusive as their favourite spot to rest was hidden up in the copse in the centre of the enclosure.

However our visitors patience was rewarded at feed time when the feistier cub was adamant she wasn't going to share her rabbit! Twin sister came over to see what was so tasty but was greeted with ears back and snarls from a sister unwilling to give up her tasty morsel. The funniest moment had to be though when dad Kuzma approached the cub. You would probably expect her to submit and back away allowing dad to take the food but not this bolshie little cub. Instead she jumped up at Kuzma's face with claws out and ears back! Despite his immense size Kuzma, being the gentle giant that he is, let her keep her prize which she then continued to polish off.

The grass in the tiger enclosure is quite long at the moment as we obviously opted for minimal disturbance when the cubs were first born. We are happy now that we can get in there and give it a good cut without causing them any disturbance, it will actually be good enrichment for the cubs as well, perhaps making them a little more visible at times. We will of course leave a few areas with long grass in which they can hide if they really want to…..after all they are still babies and still need their 'cat naps' during the day, if you visit and they can't be seen pop back later as their isn't any particularly good time to see them, they can emerge at any time during the day.

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