Katie's no deal gamble left her with 1p

SHAUN LOWTHORPE When Katie Walsh, from Wymondham, found herself in the TV spotlight on Deal of No Deal, she twice let more than £20,000 slip through her grasp - walking away with a single penny.


It is the beguiling TV quiz which sees contestants pitting their wits against the mysterious 'banker'.

But when Katie Walsh found herself in the TV spotlight on Deal of No Deal, she twice let more than £20,000 slip through her grasp - walking away with a single penny.

The 24-year-old, who hails from Wymondham, is philosophical about becoming only the 12th member of the 'one penny club', during her stint on the show which was screened over the weekend.

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And it is not the first time she has missed out on a prize of thousands after previously losing out on the National Lottery game show, In It To Win It - when she changed her mind over an answer and said good bye to £22,500.

“I'm not cut out for game shows,” she said. “I'm the 12th member of the one penny club - if you are going to get a blue, you might as well get a penny.

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“That's the only cheque that Noel Edmonds signs - when it comes I will get it framed.”

Talking tactics, the recruitment consultant admitted she allowed the banker to get under her skin.

“I started off really well,” she explained. “I was getting out the low reds and the blues. My first offer was £15,000 and no-one ever deals that. The next was £20,000, but I still had the £250,000 and the £100,000 and the big reds.

“The next offer was £23,500. My mum had said if you are offered more than £20,000 you should just say deal, but the banker rattled me - he said he didn't think I had any courage!”

After issuing a firm 'no deal' rebuff to the banker it was down hill after that and her final option was a box with £10 in or the notorious 1p.

“My next offer was for £4,000, but I still had the £50,000 box in there, so I thought I would carry on,” she said. “It didn't feel real, and you get caught up in the momentum.”

Her mum, Sue, only had two instructions for her daughter, both of which she ignored…

“I said you are not to be a member of the one penny club and if you get offered more than £20,000 then take it,” she said. “You've never really had it, so you don't really lose it, but I could see her getting out of debt.

“I wouldn't say I was cross, more disappointed with her because I'd said to her it was more than a year's wages gone in seconds. “She said she had a strong board, I'm interested to see what she had to see whether I'll be really cross!”

But Katie said host Noel Edmonds and the fellow contestants were really supportive afterwards, and the French and Spanish graduate has decided to have an unusual celebration, when she returns home to Leeds.

“I'm having a 'bring a penny party',” she said.

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