Norwich artist takes literal approach to erosion film

Julian Hand stands in front of his film Erosion at the NUA MA Show. PHOTO: Sophie Smith

Julian Hand stands in front of his film Erosion at the NUA MA Show. PHOTO: Sophie Smith - Credit: Archant

The erosion of the north Norfolk coast is the inspiration behind a film showing at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) MA Degree Show.

Experimental filmmaker and NUA graduate Julian Hand has made a short film about the infamously eroded seaside towns of Hemsby and Happisburgh, called Erosion.

The 39-year-old, who lives in Norwich, gave his project a literal touch by eroding the camera film itself.

Mr Hand said: 'I was taken back by the landscape, it's a unique landscape, kind of like a war zone, especially after the storm urge this spring.

'Houses were swept away by the storm and it's the aftermath of these places that I'm interested in and the battle the happens.

'I use 16mm and 8mm film. I want to draw connections between the materiality and tangibility of the film itself.

'I shot or warped the landscape filming the areas, especially looking at markers such as the old pill boxes that had fallen into the sea to gauge where the cliff used to be.

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'I took the film, once it had been processed and took it through this similar process. I put it in the sea for instance, to let the sea push and pull the film itself against the sand and the rocks, in a similar process to hydraulic erosion.

'I took implements from the area such as bits of fallen house, bricks, and kind of scraped it, marked it.

'All these materials I found on location.

'Then the site specific recordings from the sea in the area, I worked with my musician colleague and he's taken it through a similar process, literally looping the same sound over and over again, running it through effects and filters.

'There's no music there, it's all the sound of the sea, gradually disintegrating.

'I felt very moved by what's happening there. I'm continually walking round using strange and unique places as my source of inspiration.

'I'd read about what was happening there and I wanted to go on foot myself with a camera and pick up on that.

Mr Hand has also created a project inspired by Norfolk folklore legend The Black Shuck and Winterton.

The NUA MA Show is on for free from Friday, August 31 to Wednesday, September 5 in Guntons Building, St Georges Street, Norwich.

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