22-year-old cyclist reaches Norfolk on 5,000-mile challenge

Josh Garman is cycling through Norfolk

Josh Garman is currently cycling through Norfolk to raise £50,000 to raise awareness of Cornelia de Lang Syndrome (CdLS). - Credit: Sian Tyrrell

A 22-year-old has reached the Norfolk stage of his 5,000 mile cycle challenge to raise £50,000 for research into a rare disease. 

Josh Garman, from Godalming, Surrey, will travel the entire coast of Great Britain over the next five months for Hope for Hasti. 

Eight year old Hasti was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lang Syndrome (CdLS) in 201, which affects 1 in 10,000 children.

After seeing her dad Major Chris Branningan walked the length of the country barefoot, Mr Garman quit his lockdown job and got on his bike to raise money for research.

Due to Covid restrictions, he is towing a 50kg bright yellow trailer, called HMS Hasti, to sleep in.

Josh Garman in his sleeping pod which he is towing behind his bike.

Josh Garman is towing the 50kg sleeping pod along with him. - Credit: Sian Tyrrell

He battled the harsh winds on Tuesday as he continued his Norfolk leg of the journey to Cromer and will set off to Lowestoft tomorrow.

He said: "I am doing this to raise money for important research, but I am also passionate about making connections in the communities I am travelling through. The pandemic has taught us a lot about ourselves and our sense of community.”

To find out about the fundraiser visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/coast5000