WATCH: Jimmy Bullard joins Grant Holt for wrestling match

Jimmy Bullard joins Grant Holt in the ring. Picture: Sky Bet

Jimmy Bullard joins Grant Holt in the ring. Picture: Sky Bet - Credit: Archant

City legend Grant Holt has been joined in the ring but a fellow footballing talent.

Former Hull City player Jimmy Bullard joined Holt to take part in a tag team match against Alexander Young and Tony Knight for the WAW Heavy Weight World Championship.

Sky Bet posted a video on Youtube of the former footballers taking on the wrestlers with scenes of Bullard getting well and truly beat-up.

Since making his debut for Norwich based WAW in September last year, the Knight wrestling family where WWE starlet Paige rose to fame, fans have been waiting to see Holt, 37, back in action.

In the video Holt shows Bullard some of his favourite moves and how to sell. Selling is when a wrestler makes a convincing fall or appears injured.

Bullard then takes on the Norwich wrestling duo with a slamming finish.

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