Jeremy Kyle mural unveiled in Norwich city centre

The Jeremy Kyle mural in Norwich. Picture: Danielle Booden

The Jeremy Kyle mural in Norwich. Picture: Danielle Booden - Credit: Archant

TV host Jeremy Kyle has returned to Norwich just weeks after his controversial documentary on the city's nightlife aired.

Following his recent trip to Prince of Wales Road for documentary The Kyle Files: Dangers of a Night Out, the ITV host will be honoured in the latest mural in the city centre.

Back in September, the UK's favourite daytime television presenter visited the iconic Norwich street, named in 2015 as the fourth most favourite drinking spot in the UK, and now the people of the city will raise a glass to Mr Kyle with a giant picture of his face.

The mural has been painted on the wall at the Virgin Money Lounge on Castle Street, and shows Mr Kyle surrounded by buildings made of books to promote his latest autobiography 'It was carnage – my night out in Norwich'.

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Anna Fender, who works in the Royal Arcade, said: 'What were they thinking? This is going to put everyone off their lunch.'

UPDATE: This story is, of course, an April Fools. And, for the record, Yardis Alpolfo is NOT the new Norwich City manager.

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