Jennifer Mills-Westley adored her life in Tenerife - former colleague pays tribute

A Norfolk grandmother who was brutally murdered in Tenerife had adored being out there, a former colleague said today.

As County Hall staff heard the news of the shocking death of Hellesdon woman Jennifer Mills-Westley, Iain Temperton paid tribute to a woman whose memory brings a smile to his face.

'Shock is the word that sums it up', he said. 'We all saw the media coverage on Friday and that was shocking enough, but when it turned out the next day it was someone we worked with, shock doesn't cover how you feel.'

Mr Temperton, who is now a team manager for the casualty reduction team at Norfolk County Council, worked with Mrs Mills-Westley when they were both road safety officers. She joined his team in the mid 1990s and covered the South Norfolk area.

As well as visiting schools and doing classroom demonstrations, she organised cycling training and promoted road safety in assemblies and classrooms across South Norfolk.

She retired in 2003 after joining the Norfolk County Council in 1988.

'It is an interesting job. It is very varied. It is a role where you never stop learning. She was incredibly enthusiastic about the job. She was very precise and always immaculately turned out and smartly dressed and well presented.

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'She was calm committed and enthusiastic. She thrived in everything she did.'

He said all of the road safety officers would get together each year at the Royal Norfolk Show.

'It is just a general memory of enjoyment. Things like the Norfolk Show we would all work hard. It was a long day. I just remember the laughs and the jokes on the day. You think of Jenny and you smile.'

'She really engaged with the public. She had a wonderful sense of humour.

'She was always upbeat. I don't remember a day when she had a bad day. In the office she was always positive and cheerful.'

He said that after she left Mrs Mills-Westley kept in touch with her colleagues.

'I last saw her about two years ago. She was out of the county, but when she was back in the county she did keep in touch now and again. She loved her life. She obviously adored being out there and coming back to visit her children and grandchildren was very important to her.

'She was always going to cram her life full of stuff. She went out and tackled the world head on. She had a lot of time for her family. She was looking after her parents.

He said: 'Clearly our thoughts are with Jenny's family, with the girls and Jenny's grandchildren.'

He said there had been shock in County Hall and people who had known Jenny had been visiting the road safety department all day.

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