James Paget doctor struck off medical register after making string of ‘malicious and unfounded’ accusations about colleague’s interest in children

Dr Usen Ikidde was a doctor at James Paget University Hospital, Gorleston, Norfolk.

Dr Usen Ikidde was a doctor at James Paget University Hospital, Gorleston, Norfolk. - Credit: Nick Butcher

An A&E doctor has been banned from working in medicine after accusing a colleague of having an 'inappropriate and sinister' interest in children.

Dr Usen Ikidde, who worked at James Paget Hospital for around 18 years, has been struck off the medical register after making 'malicious and and unfounded allegations' against an unnamed doctor, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) found.

He made the allegations just three days after being ordered to pay £50,000 to the doctor, known only as Dr A, for damages after losing a civil court case.

The allegations caused Dr A to be suspended from duty while he was investigated by the hospital trust and Norfolk Police, but no evidence of wrongdoing was found.

Professor Jack Crane, chairman of the MTPS panel, said: 'The tribunal is satisfied Dr Ikidde's thoroughly dishonest behaviour fell far short of the standards expected of a doctor.'

The tribunal was told how Dr Ikidde made a number of claims against a colleague, referred to only as Dr A.

These included:

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- Dr A examining a child patient in a 'forceful manner' and without parental consent.

- Dr A having photographs on his computer that caused his wife to leave.

- Dr A buying a house due to its close proximity to a school.

- Dr A being part of a fraternity or cult.

The tribunal also found the allegations to be unfounded, malicious, misleading, and made in an attempt to lower Dr A's professional integrity and character.

Professor Crane said: 'Dr Ikidde's misleading and dishonest conduct constitutes a very serious breach of the fundamental principles of good medical practice.

'His malicious and unfounded allegations against Dr A had the potential to undermine patients' trust in the care provided by Dr A.

'The tribunal is in no doubt that it amounts to misconduct at the top end of the scale of seriousness.'

Dr Ikidde worked for James Paget Hospital between 1996 and 2014, before he was sacked following a disciplinary process.

A spokesman for hospital said: 'The trust followed an appropriate internal HR disciplinary process and as a result of this disciplinary process Dr Ikidde was dismissed.

'The MPTS was satisfied that the trust investigated matters sufficiently to enable it to conclude there was no evidence to support the allegations.'

Every doctor in the UK must be on the medical register to be able to practice medicine in the country.

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