‘Be thankful every day, for everything’ - Jake Humprey shares inspirational message following death of friend

Jake Humphrey. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Jake Humphrey. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

Broadcaster Jake Humphrey has encouraged people to make the most of life, following the death of racing journalist Henry Hope-Frost.


The 39-year-old shared a poignant message with his followers on Twitter today (March 9), reminding them that 'you don't have as much time left on this earth as you think'.

He said: 'I'm lying in bed at 3.45am, having been woken up by little Flo. I flicked onto Twitter to see the utterly devastating news that one of the GREAT guys in motorsport, Henry Hope-Frost, died yesterday in an accident.

'For me, this is about the death of one of the good guys, for you, make it about life. At the risk of sounding like Baz Luhrmann, try to spend as little time doing what you need to, that allows you as much time as possible doing what you really want to.

'Put family first... Every time. Don't let little, insignificant, but frustrating things get you down - they are an irrelevance. In 100 years who really gives a f**k that you lost you wallet, scraped your car or missed an appointment?

'Don't add to the negativity and bile on social media or in the world - try your best to see good in people and to see things from their perspective. Be kind. Be thankful everyday, for everything. Keep fit, give to charity, go to the doctors without delay, call your parents, photograph your kids. And remember (most importantly) you don't have as much time left on this earth as you think - none of us do.'

He added: 'I am sending all the love I have to Henry's friends and family. His death has no upsides for them, but for you, make today the day you press that reset button, so when your time does come, there are no regrets. It's not easy, but it's important.'

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Almost 2,000 people have liked the tweet so far and over 500 have shared it.

Henry Hope-Frost was a motor racing commentator and F1 broadcaster. He was killed on Thursday, March 8 when his motorbike crashed into a car.

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