Norwich vlogger plays ‘The Wetherspoon’s Game’

Norwich-based YouTuber Jack Dean/JaackMaate. Photo supplied by Jack Dean.

Norwich-based YouTuber Jack Dean/JaackMaate. Photo supplied by Jack Dean. - Credit: Jack Dean

A well known Norwich vlogger documented his evening at a pub in Norwich, resulting in him being banned from using his phone in the establishment.

The Glasshouse pub in Norwich. Photo: Bill Smith

The Glasshouse pub in Norwich. Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

Jack Dean, who has over 175,000 followers on Twitter and hosts the The JaackMaate Podcast, reached out to his fans on Monday evening whilst at The Glasshouse in Norwich.

He wrote that is was his friend's 25th birthday yet he was refusing to have a drink. Giving the table number they were sitting at, he asked people to order items to their table remotely via the JD Wetherspoon's app.

Mr. Dean then recorded the madness that followed, ultimately resulting in him being informed by the manager that they would not be bringing anymore food or drink over to them and asking him to put away his phone.

It seems that fans responded in the masses to Jack's request, and their table quickly filled up with various drinks and food items. A bowl of peas, a collection of ice-lollies, a single corn on the cob. All were delivered by waiters until management stepped in to put a stop to the game.

The resulting Tweets quickly became a talking point, with the original thread getting almost 1,500 likes and 160 retweets. Jack then uploaded a video called 'The Wetherspoons Game' to his Youtube channel. The video already has over 56,000 views and 6,000 likes.

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However he also warned viewers 'not to try this' themselves.

It seems Jack and his friends won't be repeating their new game anytime soon.

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